THE SEXY BACHELOR PAD – Every young man needs this!


ONE BEDROOM  APARTMENT? – With a CASA-ELAN WALL BED in your Lounge – you have a 2nd Bedroom available for when guests visit.

email – casaelan@gmail.com       UAE:  +971 55 3124555

Oman:   +968 9794 4663           Jeddah: +966 50 5645355

Ledge-Rock-BB SuiteMurphyBed_Thumb

STUDIO APARTMENT? – Living Room during the day, Bedroom at night

See how easy it is to live comfortably in a studio or even a small bedroom – make it your well designed space with – BED + SOFA + DESK + TABLE + STORAGE

The true beauty of our wall beds is in the details. Everything is designed to work within the bed cabinet and surrounding built-ins, which effectively creates a multi-functional room. Custom shelving, drop-down tables, pullout shelves.

Visit our Factory outlet in Dubai and discuss your requirements with a Designer.

3 comments on “Studio

  1. Hello,

    How much is the starting price for these wall beds ?


  2. Hi..

    I am interested with your product, i live in a studio with family of 3 and need a space saving furniture…Please send me the qoute and prices of your wall bed in queen size please..


  3. Hi.i have a studio.please tell me how much is your set?


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