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What Are Wall Beds?

 Wall Beds Create Genius Space-Saving Rooms


email – casaelan@gmail.com

UAE:       +971 55 3124555

Oman:   +968 9794 4663

Jeddah: +966 50 5645355


The Murphy Panel Bed – Origin Canada & UK

1-Panel-bed-half-open-hor-mtg-cutout noir-murphy-bed-open

The Murphy Library Bed – Origin UK


The Desk Bed by Hiddenbed – Origin URUGUAY


Direct from our Factory Outlet in Dubai to your home, no middleman.

Available in UAE Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Celebrating 30 Years of Design, Manufacturing and Sales. We are the leaders Space Saving Wall Beds in the Middle East.


  1. What is a Wall Bed?

This system features beds that fold up and out of walls. The PANEL BED comes with a choice of side cabinets and sofa attachments. The LIBRARY BED works along a sliding track that allows you to glide open the two front bookshelves and reveal your comfortable Bed. The HIDDENBED comes with a Desk Attachment that is perfect for Kids Rooms and Home Office. 

  1. Where can I see it?

You can visit our factory outlet in Al Quoz 1 Dubai and see a few on display. +971 55 3124555 

  1. Is it comfortable?

CASA-ELAN  beds will give you years and years of enjoyment, comfort and style. It works on a spring system and can be lifted and brought down easily even by children.

  1. Is it safe?

It uses a counter balancing system with the springs and mattress and will open and close with the touch of a hand. It does not fall open until pulled and will not close by itself until pushed up.

  1. How much time is needed to make one?

It takes between 10 to maximum 21 days for you to get a custom design and manufactured bed installed in your home in the UAE.


We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our Murphy Mechanisms and 5 Years on the HIDDENBEDS 


By taking advantage of CASA-ELAN ’s full package, which includes custom design, manufacturing and the installation of our wall beds, you can:

    • Maximize the square footage of any micro space
    • Transform a single-use room into a flex room
    • Turn a smaller room into a multi-purpose space
    • Eliminate the “large footprint” of a traditional bed
    • Convert a dedicated guestroom into an office or crafting room
    • Completely conceal any size bed until you need it

You don’t have to choose between a dedicated home office or a guestroom anymore because our wall beds allow you to create a flex room that combines the two.

We offer a range of mattress sizes and price points including genuine Murphy beds as well as other brands like Wall bed systems UK, Hiddenbed, Uruguay. This is the brilliant space solution you’ve been looking for. Let us help you discover more about wall beds and the positive changes they can make to your home, and your lifestyle.

Wall Bed Design

drwg Model (1)

All-inclusive packages begin with a design based on your discussion with your CASA-ELAN  designer. Tell us everything you want in a wall bed!

Meeting of the Minds


Perfect Beds to Make

Get ready for a good time because when we design wall bed plans with you, we have a lot to talk about.

You’ve always wanted a Murphy bed with desk, but did you ever consider what the rest of your study area should look like? Who will be using the wall bed? How often? What style will work best with the cabinetry and woodwork in the rest of your home?

There is a method to our, um, mania for detail. Everything we discuss helps formulate the design that will be unique to you. No one else will have exactly the same wall bed because each one is custom designed and built.

Create the Wall Bed Organizational Design

You and your designer cover the basics including how the wall bed will be used and by whom; what size mattress works best; and how the wall bed plans should tie in stylistically with the rest of the space and home.

From this information we create the organizational design and proceed to work-in the finer details.

 Select the Accessories, Materials and Finish

The true beauty of our wall beds is in the details. Everything is designed to work within the bed cabinet and surrounding built-ins, which effectively creates a multi-functional room. Custom shelving, drop-down tables, pullout nightstands, display alcoves and media cabinetry are only some of the accessories to consider.

The materials and finish you choose set the tone for style – from chic to modern to Old World. CASA-ELAN’s materials offer many choices in style, color and price. They include melamine, painted and glazed woods, stained woods and textured melamine that resembles wood.

Your color options include decorator hues of white, natural, red and gray, wood grain, decorative patterns and textured melamine options. If you go with wood, we can custom stain a variety of species (from cherry to oak) in any color you choose. With a CASA-ELAN Wall bed, there is always something to fit your style and décor exactly.

 Functional and Fabulous

In many cases, wall beds will be used by guests of your house (or as a space maximizer in a micro space) so it’s important to make them as inviting and stylish as possible. That part comes easy as we lay out the many ways you can further customize your wall bed plans. For example, make a statement with your bed cabinet face by creating a handsome door effect with panels and hardware or by incorporating a special pattern or design.

Once you’ve seen all the wonderful features, details and embellishments, you and your CASA-ELAN designer can take the time to review them, discuss where and how they will work and determine how each one affects your price. Our goal is to always provide you with the greatest range of options and selections, so that you can make an educated decision.

Is everything just the way you want it? Take another look with your CASA-ELAN designer to make sure. Once you approve your final design and price we can set the installation date of your choice.

What Now?

Start planning for house guests and sleepovers because your new wall bed is just around the corner.

Contact your designer to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Custom Made


Collaborating with you, we create a completely custom design around the bed size, cabinetry, storage space and accessories you want. Nothing is ever pre-fabricated or pre-cut.

The Real Deal

At CASA-ELAN, “custom” means exactly what it should – one-at-a time, cut-to-order construction. Our experienced cabinet manufacturers build each piece of custom cabinetry with precise attention to detail. We do that locally, using locally sourced materials.

Once your approved design is delivered to the factory, our craftsmen go to work using state-of-the-art machinery. We fabricate each component to match the precise specifications of your design. We are committed to excellence at every step and our cabinet manufacturers reflect that in their skill level and dedication to their craft.

Rest assured that every piece of your custom cabinetry is inspected carefully as it moves through cutting, assembly and finishing. Then each one is inspected again before being loaded into the installation van. All of our work is done with the utmost care to ensure that you receive an impeccably built, beautifully finished custom cabinetry system for your home.

Due to our proprietary construction system, perfected over our 30 years in business, CASA-ELAN can offer a prompt start-to-finish delivery schedule. Our high-tech machinery is efficient, safe and precise – with reduced energy consumption.

What does this all mean? It means that your brand-new custom cabinetry will be in place, and ready to enjoy before you know it.

Expert Installation

images (1)

You’ll appreciate how neatly and efficiently your installer works. Each CASA-ELAN installer triple checks your design and every piece, making sure all is perfect before coming to your home.

 Vision Becomes Reality

The whole experience of watching your cabinet installation become real is a wonderful culmination of vision, design, construction and assembly. When the big day comes, you should relax and thoroughly enjoy the experience with the assurance that your new closet installation – or cabinetry – is in very capable hands.

Each of our CASA-ELAN installers has the collective experience and guidance of the entire company’s expertise to draw from. You can expect friendly, courteous service, quick and expert work, meticulous attention to detail and in the end, a thorough cleanup of the space. You’ll inspect the new installation together, and our installer will not leave until you are beyond delighted with the work.

Since all of the manufacturing and most of the finishing is done in our factory, installation is speedy, usually one day, but if the cabinetry is detailed or extensive, it may take a little longer. To ensure a perfect fit, each installer brings the tools necessary for small adjustments.

What you end up with is a beautifully installed bedroom closet, pantry, home office, garage system or wall bed in your home, and the CASA-ELAN team standing behind their work every step of the way.

You can start right now, either by gathering ideas in our galleries or setting up an appointment with a designer. Then it’s time to watch your CASA-ELAN WALL BED installation take shape before your very eyes.

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